Little trip to Sweden

Hey! So I went to Sweden. (19.03) It has been almost a month from that, but I thought you would like to see my awesome photos. Actually I had a Cruise to Sweden, 2 days on a ship and 7 hours on the land.

We went to the ship on Sunday, 18:00. At the first night there was a Latin dance lesson and guess who knows basic Latin dancemoves? Of course Swedish buffee was soooooo wonderful, I was dying there. I also got new headphones, “Fresh n Rebel” is the brand name. There was very bad Wi-Fi in my cabin,  so i always had to walk around the ship to get the Internet. At the second day, when I woke up we were almost in Sweden. We arrived in Sweden at 11:00. We were trying to find the bus station but in first 20 mins we got lost. So somehow we found the metro station, hopped on the metro and hopped off at centre of the town. Then we saw the Royal Palace and other cool places. After that we went to the Skansen. The Skansen is an open-air museum. Later on we went to The Vasa Museum, which is basically a building and inside of it there is a biiiig boat from the 17. century. It was really awesome. The whole trip was very cool. Back on the ship, I pretty much walked around, visited different stores. In the morning (Tuesday) we were back in Estonia.

One thing that I really need to tell you is: I love so much Scandinavian houses.


Photos made in the city


Photos from the Skansen: